Creating a character profile

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Having good characters is essential to every novel.

A character profile is said to be simply “a description of a character’s personality and background”-google dictionary.

But really,it’s more than that.It’s taking the character and putting them in a nutshell.

It’s forcing you,the writer to see who your character really is.

well,now that you know what it is,here are 20 things to include in your character profile:

    1. sum up your character in 10 words.try to be as descriptive as possible
    2. make a list of at least 5 of the character’s hobbies.
    3. what does your character wish they could do?
    4. what type of person does your character wish the could be?
    5. does your character work?what kind of work do they do?Do they like\hatec their job?
    6. Is your character a boy or a girl?
    7. What’s your character’s full name?do they not use their middle name?do they absolutely hate it?
    8. Is there a special story behind your character’s name?were they named after someone special?
    9. Who are your character’s parents?What are they like?Even if you already have a profile on them,describe them as parents.
    10. Is your character married?single?separted?divorced?what’s their relationship with their partner?
    11. Does your character have any children?How many?what are their ages?what kind of parent is your character?
    12. What is your character most afraid of?Is there a special reason why?
    13. how  old is your character?
    14. Does your character have a special,secret treasure?what’s the story behind it?
    15. Who does your character hate?why?
    16. What’s your character’s dream job?
    17. What is a special memory from childhood that your character treasures?why is it so special to them?
    18. Is your character male or female?
    19. Does your character have a role model?why is that person their role model?
    20. how does your character deal with their strong emotions?

hope that helps.
if it did,please leave a comment below.



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